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According to the Japanese site Charapedia (and thanks Crunchyroll for the translation!), a good amount of male and female voters have chosen the 20 meanest characters of all time shows.


These are the results:

  1. Izaya Orihara — Durarara!! (1,158 points)

  2. Makoto Hanamiya — Kuroko no Basuke (1,106 points)

  3. Makoto Itou — School Days (785 points)

  4. Freezer — Dragon Ball (711 points)

  5. Nobuyuki Sugou — Sword Art Online (659 points)

  6. Sougo Okita — Gintama (609 points)

  7. Light Yagami — DEATH NOTE (489 points)

  8. Muska — Castle in the Sky (457 points)

  9. Kyuubey — Puella Magi Madoka Magica (425 points)

  10. Katejina Loos — Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (351 points)

  11. Tooru Oikawa — Haikyuu!! (350 points)

  12. Shouichi Imayoshi — Kuroko no Basuke (326 points)

  13. Dio Brando — JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (305 points)

  14. Hachiman Hikigaya — Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. (302 points)

  15. Suneo Honekawa — Doraemon (287 points)

  16. Eliza Leagan — Candy Candy (278 points)

  17. Akira Midousuji — Yowamushi Pedal (227 points)

  18. Kirino Kousaka — Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (221 points)

  19. Marshall D. Teach — ONE PIECE (216 points)

  20. Gendou Ikari — Neon Genesis Evangelion (209 points)

According to Crunchy, Hanamiya was #1 in the female votes. THANK YOU, JAPANESE FANBASE.


every class is art class if you dont care enough

len kagamine fandom grab your nosebleeds


some people asked about my painting process SO YEAH the final picture is OBVIOUSLY NOT DONE but i got tired of working on it and the rest is rly just a lot of blending and painting 

Yotsubato! is one of my fav mangas and I’d love to do a proper picture for it someday

weeaboo stories


Oh man, I’ve got this great story about weeaboos. First of all, to clarify, I’m not really that into anime and I am certainly not much of a weeaboo myself. Anyway, I was opening a meeting of my local anime club (I am the president) when